What is "Ouloum Project's" ?

"Ouloum Project's" is a small family business who has a passion for miniatures painting and boardgames. As such, we have encountered many issues when we were trying to transport our painting and sculpting equipment – just like anyone who is practicing this hobby, I guess – which inspired us and led us to create our own business and products, to solve said issues.

We are geeks, painters, role players, but before anything else, we are friends. This website will not forward boring business communication about numbers and sales. We will not talk about marketing, business models and such… this website exists to share our passion, our objectives, and our products with everyone. We will also inform you about the conventions we will attend, in case you want to meet with us and talk about miniatures !

Graphigaut Studio's Interview, about Lost Memories' Kickstarter project

Ouloum Project’s has one main goal: to promote miniature arts. To do so, we wanted to add something special to this Kickstarter campaign. After discussing with the team, wondering what we could do in this regard, we decided to interview Graphigaut Studio. We wanted to allow everyone to know how an artist thinks and feels when he works on miniatures, so you could dive deep into the creative process with him.

Here’s the translation of the interview (the original one is in French), organized by miniatures.

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News from the OctoGônes Convention, 1st October 2022

Last weekend we attended the OctoGônes convention, and it was amazing! Attending allowed us to reveal our latest products, those we’ve been working on for a year now: the “Lost Memories” range of miniatures, hand sculpted by Graphigaut Studio.

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News from the team

It's been two months already, time to give some news !


First, it is crystal clear that the Ouloum Project's Workbench cannot be 100% made in France. The production costs alone are superior to what people are willing to pay for it.


We did figure out a few solutions, but we're not there yet, so it's still postponed. Between the war in Ukraine and the increased shipping costs from Asia, we'll have to work a bit more before we are 100% ready.

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The Ouloum Project's Team attended the Big Day convention 2021 !

For those who do not know about the Big Day convention, it's a small convention in Gif-sur-Yvettes (France) formed around the central theme of "miniature arts". This theme includes all kinds of board games, and of course, miniatures painting !


As you can guess, since the convention wasn't too far away from Jonathan's home, there's no way they wouldn't go if they could. They attended the convention the whole weekend (6th and 7th of November), and they regret nothing, as it was awesome. I interviewed him to get his feedback, so he could share his experience with us all.


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Ouloum Project's Workbench

After 2 long years of hardwork, we are finally about to reveal what we were working on ! The Ouloum Project’s Workbench !

We are so proud (and so broke) after those 3 years, but they are finally going to bear fruit. Our product is well designed, and now all that is left is the kickstarter campaign to fund it. Then, we’re good to go !

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Ouloum Project's website is finally opening !

After weeks of development, we are thrilled to announce our website's grand opening ! You can expect a lot of news about the conventions we will attend, picture of miniatures painted by Jonathan "Ouloum" Rios or our partners, information regarding our kickstarter campaigns, our projects, our partners', and so much more !

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