News from the Ouloum Team (02/03/2022)

It's been two months already, time to give some news !


First, it is crystal clear that the Ouloum Project's Workbench cannot be 100% made in France. The production costs alone are superior to what people are willing to pay for it.


We did figure out a few solutions, but we're not there yet, so it's still postponed. Between the war in Ukraine and the increased shipping costs from Asia, we'll have to work a bit more before we are 100% ready.


I do have a good piece of news though ! "Shaya, the Lost Twin", the hand made miniature by Graphigaut, will be available as part of our new series of miniatures, fully hand-made by Graphigaut Studio, our new long term partner.


We'll come back soon with more news to tell you all about what we've planned. Here's a sneak peak below. Stay tuned for more !

Ouloum Project's Workbench
Shaya, the Lost Twin as well as