News from the OctoGônes Convention, 1st October 2022

Last weekend we attended the OctoGônes convention, and it was amazing! Attending allowed us to reveal our latest products, those we’ve been working on for a year: the “Lost Memories” range of miniatures, hand-sculpted by Graphigaut Studio.


It is the second time we attend the OctoGônes Convention, and it was as amazing as last time. A full weekend to meet new people, share our passion for the hobby, showcase our products and talk about our projects, we really couldn’t ask for more!


The organizers were very welcoming with everyone, visitors and artists alike, which set everyone in a good mood from the start. Everything was well organized, and there was nothing to criticize in their communication.

Ouloum Project's and Graphigaut Studio at the OctoGônes Convention, 1st October 2022

We met our friends from TGCM, Gork Factory, Alchemy, or Graphigaut Studio, as well as made new awesome encounters: Julien “A La Bonne Peindouille”, Alexandre Vallet, Niko Deze “Little Demon Studio”, Guillaume from “Apprendre La Peinture sur Figurine”, Le Culte du Dé, Greg Auryc, just to name a few.


We were also really happy to meet members of the Ouloum Community with which we often chat on Facebook, Discord, or on Twitch, but had never met before.


Well, as you can guess, the convention was a real success, and we were really satisfied with all the positive feedback we received, both about the Ouloum Project’s Workbench (not yet available, sorry!) and the Lost Memories range of products (available on Kickstarter 29th October!).


So, we’ll see each other on the 29th October for the Kickstarter campaign, stay tuned !