Ouloum Project's website is finally opening !

After weeks of development, we are thrilled to announce our website's grand opening ! You can expect a lot of news about the conventions we will attend, picture of miniatures painted by Jonathan "Ouloum" Rios or our partners, information regarding our kickstarter campaigns, our projects, our partners', and so much more !

In case you did not hear about us yet : Ouloum Project's is a very atypical family business. We do not follow the usual communication and marketing strategies, not because we do not know them – we have degrees in both fields – but because we hate manipulation techniques that lead to customers and not being treated as human beings anymore.


As such, we will not publish content on our website daily “to trigger brain mechanisms that will push customers into logging in every day to see if there is new content and making sure they are not missing anything” or other basic neuromarketing tricks to boost sales.


We want to offer more than boring numbers about our sales and how well the business is doing, but we won’t be a web journal either. Also, there will be no advertisement banners on our website.


We will only write about the miniatures hobby and anything relevant to our shared interests. We will make sure our articles are interesting to click and read, and that they won’t be full of nothingness.


For those of you who play good old tabletop role playing games, let me prove that we’re a team of Chaotic Good artists by displaying with no forewarning the picture of Jonathan “Ouloum” Rios’ best work so far alongside this article. I hope you like the miniature ! More amazing paintings will follow soon.


I hope I will soon have the privilege to announce the beginning of our Kickstarter campaign, but for now, we still have about a month worth of work to do. We’re working hard, and when the time comes, we will let you know immediately !


Ferrus Manus, Warhammer 40k