Ouloum Project's Workbench

After 3 long years of hardwork, we are finally about to reveal what we were working on ! The Ouloum Project’s Workbench !


We are so proud (and so broke) after those 3 years, but they are finally going to bear fruit. Our product is well designed, and now all that is left is the kickstarter campaign to fund it. Then, we’re good to go !

Ouloum Project's Workbench visual, opened and filled with equipment.

This workbench is the solution to a recurring issue in the miniatures hobby : having to carry our miniatures as well as our painting and sculpting equipment.


No more huge bags filled with small boxes recycled from our every day’s life, to carry our paints, our models, our brushes, our cup of water, our spray-paint cans, our bottle of water, our lamps, and so on…

Now you can carry all of that in one specialized tool the size of a huge laptop, the Ouloum Project’s Workbench.

Jonathan using the Ouloum Project's Workbench outside, near a river.

Also, it will be more than a simple suitcase to transport your equipment, there is a reason it is called a workbench : it is equipped with two 4500k neutral-white lamp lights and even a slot to place your mobile phone and watch tutorials as you paint or sculpt.


It will allow you to paint anywhere, any time, as this workbench can provide a stable platform to work on wherever you are. It has been designed with this goal in mind from the very start.

Ouloum Project's Workbench visual, opened

Each compartment has been designed to be customizable. For example, if you prefer to have your wet pallet on your right side instead of on your left side, you can switch both compartments with ease, as the protective foams are not attached to the case and can easily be swapped out or replaced to suit your needs.


The engineers who worked on this project really spent a lot of time making sure all those little details have been considered, to provide as much comfort and efficiency as possible.

Ouloum Project's Workbench visual, closed

Maybe you would also be interested in knowing that our product is 100% designed and made in France, with mostly recycled materials ? We didn’t just want to design a quality product, we also wanted it to be ethical, respectful of the environment.

This is why we chose not to manufacture it at a low cost in Chinese factories, as most do nowadays. I know it means our product will not be cheap but you also get a lot out of it, apart from the quality : if there is an issue, we can call our contacts in France and solve it the same day.


No jet lagging, no barrier of languages, and also, less delay for deliveries. We are so confident in our product’s quality and our partners that we plan to offer a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

I hope you are interested in the Ouloum Project's Workbench, because we will need you for our Kickstarter campaign the 28th of November! We are counting on your support !