The Ouloum Project's Team attended the Big Day convention 2021 !

For those who do not know about the Big Day convention, it's a small convention in Gif-sur-Yvettes (France) formed around the central theme of "miniature arts". This theme includes all kinds of board games, and of course, miniatures painting !


As you can guess, since the convention wasn't too far away from Jonathan's home, there's no way they wouldn't go if they could. They attended the convention the whole weekend (6th and 7th of November), and they regret nothing, as it was awesome. I interviewed him to get his feedback, so he could share his experience with us all. Here it goes :

"The latest conventions we attended were great, and this one was no exception. The only downside, as always, was the preparations as an exhibitor.

It takes a bit less than an hour to gather the equipment and the miniatures, not to mention my lamp that I have to remove from my desk everytime, the bags I have to fill.... we just can't wait for our own product to come out so we can use it, haha !

Photo 1, Ouloum Project's table at the Big Day con 2021.

Being an exhibitor for a convention sure is a lot of hardwork. There's always a lot to pack, to load, to prepare, to install back and forth, between home and the convention tables.


We often have to bring our own electrical extension cords and multi-sockets, not to mention all the trips between the car and the convention to bring all our stuff. But we regret nothing. They lock everything every night, so we can take the evening off for ourselves. And for sure we did !

Photo 2, Ouloum Project's table at the Big Day con 2021.

We took it as an opportunity to spend as much time as possible with our friends who are also artists and entrepreneurs (on the first picture to the top right corner : Colonel Studio, Haschatan Sÿx, Sphynx painting (BenTheGoblin), Jonathan "Ouloum").

We had decided on a personal goal : finish painting at least one miniature during the weekend. To be honest, I never succeeded, not at this convention, not at any convention before that. I spend too much time with the convention attendees and all my friends... but I really need the social interactions, nowadays. I think we all do. Covid sucks.

WarHammer table at the Big Day con 2021.

Being able to go out and see my friends, the TGCM team (among others) being able to eat at a restaurant with them... I really needed that. We've been working so hard these past few weeks, a short break was really welcome.

We also met a lot of game designers and made new friends, for example : a French team from Marseille who made the wargame Ordo Ab Chao, by Brennos Ludi.
I'm a bit sad I was so sick and couldn't attend the Ludigeek convention this weekend (14th of November), but well, this kind of things happen...

In the meanwhile, I'm counting on you all to support us on Facebook and Youtube, but above all else, support us on Kickstarter the 21st of November !

We're counting on you, Ouloum community !"

A deserved break with the friends at the Big Day con 2021 !
At the pizza restaurant with the other exhibitors after the Big Day con 2021.